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What is an app developer? Someone who develops apps. There you have it. No need to explore the subject any further, then.

Yeah, it's not that simple.

For a bare-bones definition, this article on wiseGEEK says the following:

An application developer is a computer software engineer whose primary responsibilities involve developing new types of applications for computers, mobile phones, and other types of electronic devices.

The New York Times also discusses the role of the app developer in their recent article, “What It Takes to Be an App Developer.” Both these articles and most of the others available online define the term as an individual, the skills and education needed, that sort of thing, seen from basically a job description point of view.

Those definitions are all well and good—and reflect the image your average Joe would have in mind when they hear the term. But, while the industry definition focuses on the technical side, there are many other players who contribute to the creation of successful apps.

We at AppsAustin value their expertise as well, and like to expand the definition to include all the members of the team involved. Take a look at the list of team members below:

ñThe consultant who makes sure there's a shared vision for the project
ñThe wire framer who designs a user-friendly flow for the app
ñThe project managers who keep the whole team focused on development goals
ñThe graphic artist who creates the look and feel of the app
ñThe technical expert who writes the code for the app
ñThe testers who make sure the app runs smoothly for the end users
ñThe writer who composes compelling and instructional text
ñThe marketing experts who generate buzz about the application

Now answer the following question: Which of the team members listed above are considered part of the app development team, and therefore are also app developers?

A) All of the above
B) None of the above
C) No one told me there would be a test

Since all these roles are important to creating a great app, and it's rare to find one person who has all these talents on an expert level, we see the term “app developers” on the micro and macro level—both as individuals and as a team. They may carry different job titles, but they all pitch in to the process. Stack this up against most app development teams that only consist of a couple people, and by comparison there's a risk of spreading people thin. Our entire team is devoted to your app, from the CEO on down.

With our definition in mind, AppsAustin is proud to have the best app development team in the business. We've got experts in the consulting, design, technical, creative, testing and marketing fields of development, and they all love what they do. Our clients are our partners, too; we communicate clearly every step of the way from concept to launch—with support and marketing afterward, as well.


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