Effective Standout Marketing Tips for Mobile Applications

In App Marketing

Ask a question in the online world, and you're gonna be flooded with information. The subject of mobile application marketing is no exception, and the volume of articles out there is enormous. Advice is worth what you pay for it, and there are less-than-reputable sources of information out there. Doing that kind of research can be overwhelming.

Here's where AppsAustin comes in. We've been in the app development field since the beginning, and we know what works—and what doesn't—when it comes to marketing in the competitive apps market.

Many developers wait until the app has been designed and tested before even considering a marketing plan. This can be a critical error, since marketing works hand-in-hand with many other aspects of development. Your marketing plan should be front and center from the very beginning when creating your app. It's as important a consideration as your return on investment—and the two are closely related, too.

Consistency is key when marketing your app to the public. Your logo, graphics, color scheme and text should all work as a unit; grabbing your customers' attention and directing it where you want it to go. Well-used keywords and phrases also appeal to search engines, giving your information a boost when your customers search online.

Compare your app to those of your competitors. One of your potential customers' first questions will be: What can this app do for me? Tell them! In the crowded marketplace of mobile apps, you must highlight what your app does that no one else's can.

Keep in mind your customers aren't always gonna be on their mobile devices. When they come across your website, let them know you've also got an app available. This information—and an simple download link—should be displayed prominently on every page of your site. Putting up a “splash page” independent of your web page, solely devoted to the description and features of your app, is a good idea, too—it attracts those shopping around for new apps.

Involve your customers in the marketing process. Use social media and targeted email lists to involve them in beta testing, and offer customer loyalty and referral rewards. The creation and spreading of customer goodwill does wonders, and the return on your investment can be huge. After all, word-of-mouth marketing is free!

Finally, make them come back. No one wants to create an app that's uninstalled after the first couple of uses. Emphasize the features that will simplify your customers' lives every day. Bring them back by promoting time-sensitive discounts. Let them know the perks and rewards they can earn by using your app regularly.

You can find much more information on app marketing in articles from the following sources:

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