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When it comes to success in business, the gold standard is defined by the Fortune 500 listings. These companies draw the road maps for up-and-coming businesses to follow. They combine cutting-edge technology, expertise and innovation to make it to the top. So it goes without saying that in the expanding field of mobile application technology, these guys are right on top of things. Right?

You might be surprised.

This article from finds that only half of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 have mobile apps. Appconomist notes that app availability in the bottom 250 companies on the list drops sharply in comparison to the top 250. It therefore looks—at least at the moment—that the captains of industry are lagging behind in the mobile apps market. How could that possibly be?

It's mainly educated speculation at this point; after all, no one wants to publicly admit they're behind the curve when it comes to modern technology. A little perspective here: According to this article from, in 1995, 70% of Fortune 500 companies didn't even have a corporate website—and now all of them do. Still, with the popularity of mobile devices skyrocketing, why have only half of the movers and shakers in business embraced app technology? A few of the possible reasons are listed below.

They're adopting a wait-and-see attitude. App development is still a young industry, and some corporate leaders are holding off until they see without a doubt the popularity of mobile devices is solid, and not vulnerable to quick obscurity. In short, they don't want to invest in “flash-in-the-pan” tech. They want to be convinced it's permanent—or as permanent as anything can be in the fast-moving tech world—before they make a commitment to it.

They've got other things on their minds. The economy's tricky these days, and many company heads are focused on what they consider higher priorities. Mobile app development gets nudged onto the back burner while seemingly more important issues are taken care of.

Why do we need an app? There are some Fortune 500 companies who aren't necessarily as public-facing as, say, Starbucks, Google and McDonald's, and (right or wrong) they believe an app isn't currently necessary. However, in the article cited above, they note that almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies don't have an online recruiting or career app. Perhaps the versatility of app technology hasn't dawned on them yet.

Armed with this information, those of us not yet on the Fortune 500 have a unique opportunity to get the technological drop on those who are. How often does something like that come along? The mobile app market is proven and expanding at this point, and ripe for business growth.


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