Creative Art Design

There are folks in the app development business who tend to place their emphasis on the technical side of things. While that is important—a mobile application does need to run smoothly, after all—too many people, even in the industry, consider the visual aspect of an app as a less-important concern.

This shouldn't be. Studies and surveys show that apps have been rated poorly or shunned altogether by potential users because of bland or misleading graphic elements. The look of your app, after all, is your first impression with your customers; it can be the deciding factor whether they download it or not. We'd call that pretty darn important.

At AppsAustin, our commitment to excellence applies to every facet of app development—and that includes creative art design. Our app creation process focuses on visuals with a two-pronged approach that assures the best performance of your app in the marketplace and therefore a stronger return on your investment:

First, throw away the notion that information in apps is communicated only through text. Visual shorthand is now the norm, and functional and directional buttons must clearly state what they do with a single word or a simple image. Our creative design team is well-versed in the language of icons, just as they know a confused or misled customer doesn't remain a customer for long.

Next, we'll keep your branding in mind. Whether you have an established “look” or logo, or you need one made from scratch, we'll see to it that all the visual elements in your app—from the buttons to the backgrounds—are consistent with your overall vision. After all, brand recognition is the first step to customer loyalty.

AppsAustin isn't happy with the graphic elements for your app until you are, and we'll revise them to your specifications to get them just right. Partner with us, and we'll give your mobile app an enticing, easy-to-follow look that's in line with your brand.

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